CLICK HERE for Booth Rent Pricing

You will find the rate very reasonable on all levels

  • Rent by the Shift   

    123412345678901234567890$25 – $35 per shift

    • Save by paying for only what you need
    • 1/2 day = one shift
  • Rent by the Day

    123412345678901234567890$40 – $60 per day

    • Save $10 when you rent whole day
    • Why pay for a whole week when you need only a day or two?
    • Rent by the Week

      12345678901234567890$145 per week for Suite Station

      12345678901234567890$170 per week for Private Station

      • Private Station may sublet station on the days you are not using it and keep the money for yourself! You could work for FREE!
      • Share your station with someone else and split the rent
      • Reduces your out-of-pocket expenses for booth rent
    • Rent by the Month 

      12345678901234567890$580 per month for Suite Station

      12345678901234567890$680 per month for Private Station

      • Save 9%
      • Reduces your Weekly Average Rent to

121234123456789012345678901234$134 per week for Suite Station

121123423456789012345678901234$157 per week for Private Station

For more detailed information contact:

 Ed’s cell (405) 478-5214


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  • Contact & Location:

        3801 NW 63rd Street
        Building 3, Suite 133
        Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
        (405) 607 - CATS (2287)
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