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What type of nail service do you want? Or, perhaps a better question would be, what type of service do you need? There are a few options depending on what challenges you face with your nails.

Acrylic nails are best for those that are looking for design, strength and/or length. A powder and a liquid is combined to cure the acrylics, available in a variety of colors! Acrylic tips can be used to give you the length you’re looking for, while an acrylic overlay can add strength and durability to your natural nails. Whether you’re looking for a natural look, or a funky design, an acrylic nail service can give you the look you desire! With both types of acrylic services, you will want to return to the salon to maintain your look every two to three weeks.

Silk nails are best for those that are looking to strengthen or protect their nails. They are thinner and more flexible than acrylic nails – for this reason they are better suited for those who have a less active lifestyle. However, they are preferred by many clients because they look and feel more natural than an acrylic set. While acrylics consist of a powder and a liquid, a silk nail consists of a fabric wrap that is glued to the natural nail and buffed smooth for a natural look. To keep up a silk nail service, you’ll want to return to the salon every two to three weeks for maintenance.

Gel nails are quite similar to acrylic nails, but are cured by using a UV light. If you’re looking for a nail service that can combine the advantages of both acrylics and silks, a gel nail service may be your best option. Like silk nails, gel nails look and feel more natural, but are also less durable because of their flexibility. However, one big advantage gel nails have over acrylic nails is that they are safer for pregnant women to use because of the lack of odor the mixture emits.

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