About Alley Cats Salon

Believe me, I know how it is out there.

I have been in the cosmetology business for 39 years.


Tired of working in a cramped, cluttered up salon that has seen better days?

Are you elbow to elbow with your neighbor in the next station?

How about the equipment? Is it old and run down?

Are you tired of working with sub-quality hydraulic chairs,

dryers, worn out cabinets, and plastic shampoo bowls?


For once in your career, DON’T YOU DESERVE BETTER?

Welcome to Alley Cats Salon!


At Alley Cats Salon, you have a beautiful porcelain floor laid diagonally with 22 inch large tiles. It is stain resistant and shows absolutely nothing. You will have to hunt for the hair to sweep up.

The cabinets are made from birch wood, stained with a deep rich mahogany stain. They are very large, with lots of storage and custom made for the needs of a hairdresser. All the stations are set apart from each other, giving you a private area for you and your clientele. Have you ever worked in a place where you couldn’t even hear your clients talking? I have, too.

Gorgeous granite from Brazil called Crazy Horse is on all the counters and each station. Between the two stations available, you have a private walk-in dispensary/kitchenette just for the two of you. There is a refrigerator, microwave, and more storage cabinets there for your chemicals. Mix your colors in private. The counter top there is also granite.

Your mirrors are large and made from beveled glass. They are exquisitely framed with marble. You will be so proud when your clients sit in your brand new top of the line Belvedere equipment. You deserve a brand new hydraulic chair, right? You work hard for your money and your clients deserve to experience coming to a nice, new, pleasant atmosphere.


The shampoo bowls are large, heavy, cast iron Belvedere bowls. No flimsy plastic junk here. You will enjoy the built-in shampoo well, just behind the bowls, to hold your shampoos and conditioners. It is easy access for you and hides some of the clutter from the view of your clients. The three shampoo chairs are adjustable hydraulic chairs, so you can raise your client to a comfortable height and better fit into the shampoo bowl. After all, making our clients very comfortable while they are here is important. Right? The washer/dryer here at the salon is the coolest thing. It is all one machine. After it washes your towels, it dries them. The only thing it does not do is fold them. Sounds like the Jetsons doesn’t it? Of course, the folding table is Crazy Horse granite as well.

You have full spectrum lighting here. The bulbs are not the usual yellow florescent bulbs. They produce light just like you were outside. You can see how this would be very helpful while coloring the hair. Have you ever taken your client outside with a mirror to see the true color you put on her hair? Now you don’t have to. You will have no artificial cast of yellow with the full spectrum light bulbs and no surprises when your client gets home.

Alley Cats enjoys a private location with easy access off Lake Hefner Parkway, 63rd, Portland, or Northwest Highway. For the safety of you and your clients, there is 24 hour video monitored security and a well lighted parking lot with plenty of front row parking.

If you have clients who have special needs, a ramp for wheel chairs and walkers goes up to the front door, and a ramp goes back down once you are inside the salon; no steps to contend with.

You know how we are. We usually have our arms full when we get to the door each morning. You don’t need a key to get into the salon. You will love the keyless entry.

Bring your laptop with you. Wireless internet is available for you and your clients. Tune into the monitored security and see from your station when your client is walking in the front door.

A cleaning service comes in three times a week. How clean is the salon kept where you are now? Any room for improvement there?

Three massage therapists are available for you and your clients. Petra’s Massage can work out the kinks and knots in those tired muscles. The prices are very reasonable, too-only $50 per hour! They offer Swedish, deep tissue, hot stones, reflexology, couples and four-hand massage.

Regardless of where you are in the business, I have a station perfect for you. Are you a seasoned hairdresser with roller sets? There are plenty of dryers. Are you are a beginner and need extra help? I am a master instructor. You may want to share a station with a friend if your clientele is limited. You may sublet your station on the days you don’t work reducing your out of pocket expense for booth rent. You may want to rent-by-the-shift rather than paying for a whole week.

All this for less than you are paying now.

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        3801 NW 63rd Street
        Building 3, Suite 133
        Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
        (405) 607 - CATS (2287)
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